I craved him like no other. I feel him running thru my veins and wrapped tight around my neck. My senses awakened. My body aching to surrender and used for his pleasure.

He makes me wait. Anticipation building like fire across my skin. My ankles and wrists restrained with rope. My body wants to run, my mind needs to stay. He rubs his hand across my raised cheeks. A firm slap of his palm assures me of his agenda. The sting rushes to the surface and air escapes my tight throat. I pull against the ropes testing my escape.

"You get eight." - I gulp with fear. I take a deep breath and he unleashes the thudder paddle on my ample bottom. The first hit shocks my brain, the pain floods in. He pauses, waiting for me to catch up. I hesitantly announce, "ONE". Immediately he winds up for the second hit. There is no time to think, I sink deeper into the pain. "TWO" … He quickens the pace. "THREE" I feel my hips buckle and shake. The fire burns, I feel the tears well in my eyes. "FOUR" - I feel my body yielding control. "FIVE" my pussy begins to drip. "SIX" the tears roll down my cheeks. "SEVEN" my voice cracks and I breathe thru the flood of pain. "EIGHT" I feel my body give way. The pleasure and the pain erupt to my head. I'm crying and in need of his cock to soothe me. He turns me on my back, my burning bottom against the bed. My cunt is horny to be filled. I want to feel the orgasm wipe out the pain.

He plows deep, into my dripping cunt and clamps his hand over my mouth. My hips lift to take all of him at once. Greedy to be filled by my Master. Knowing he is the only one that can manipulate my being this way. I'm sobbing as we fuck. With each thrust, I feel the pain pull away and the orgasmic pleasure rush in. I cum, my pussy clamping down on his swollen cock. I feel my squirt swell inside me, not able to release because his cock is plugging me like a cork. He tells me I'm a slut, and takes my throat in his clutches.

I need to squirt so badly. I feel the pressure to explode ache up my spine. He pulls his cock out and thuds my clit with the tip of his cock. I feel the fluid pull out of me like a vacuum. My entire body tenses as the warm squirt splashes against both our bodies. Droplets of my cum coat my stomach, tits, and lips. The fluid pours onto my thighs and his balls.

He lets my body quiver and shake, fully taken by the orgasm. I beg him to hold my throat to comfort my body, laid in full submission under him. He plunges his cock into my throat, fucking my throat and face. I feel him stiffen and swell in the back of my throat. He grips tight on my hair, pulling me to him as his cum claims my throat. My head buzzes with the high of his cum inside me. We collapse in a pile of flesh on the bed. I lay fully satisfied and used. I press my cheek to his chest and think, I was made to be his.